Three Days Later (first feature)

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Three Days Later (Tre giorni dopo)

Three Days Later (Tre giorni dopo)

original title:

Tre giorni dopo

directed by:


costume design:


Verdeoro, Lama Film, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio





film run:



35mm/DCP - colour


Dolby SR

release date:


Rome, Pigneto neighbourhood. Matteo, 25 year-old, a student suffering from panic attacks who’s a skilled pool player, lives with Sandro, 26, a gambler, and Nicola, 25. Matteo loves Olimpia, 23, his neighbour, but he does not have the courage to declare his feeling. In the neighbourhood also live dr. Carlo, a local boss, and his 20 years old son Pistacchietto, a drug addict. Sandro plays card with dr. Carlo, loses three rents and, in order to put the things right, involves Matteo in a pool game with the boss: the stake is Matteo’s mother’s car. Matteo loses the game and the car. Pistacchietto drives the three guys home by the car just won by his father. The next day, the three friends find the corpse of Pistacchietto in the car’s trunk. The car is parked on the zebra crossing and is towed by the police. Matteo, Sandro and Nicola have three days to find the car, get rid of the corpse and settle the debt with dr. Carlo.