The Vegetarian (second feature)

Krishna, son of a Brahmin, works and studies in the Emilian countryside around the Po River, in Italy. His job is milking cows, and this close contact with animals and the land often takes him back to his childhood in India, marked by a family climate of great respect for nature. The same proximity to the great Po, the slow and majestic flow of its waters, reminds Krishna somewhat of the sacred Ganges.
Krishna has a good relationship with Italian people. Sometimes, however, memories, traditions and personal convictions do not make him feel comfortable with his surroundings. When his life, anyway, seems to take a turn towards happiness, even thanks to the love of an immigrant girl, Krishna's refusal to accept the slaughter of unproductive animals, due to his culture, pushes him to quit and take on an under-the- table job, with dramatic consequences. But a superior serenity shrouds his destiny.