One Year's Remainder

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One Year's Remainder (Il resto dell'anno)

original title:

Il resto dell'anno


Faralgon, Michele Di Salle, Nota Preziosa, Clonwerk, Limited Music





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Ready (28/01/2012)

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The film is set in Salina, in the Aeolian archipelago north of Sicily. An island, known mostly in the summer, that reveals itself after the departure of the tourists, during the months in which a thousand people deal with the slow passage of time. A place where different cultures have always crossed and continue to do so, where the stories pass leaving little signs below the peaks of its two dormant volcanoes: ruins, traditions, and generations. The light has a color for each month of the year, while the ambient sounds are part of a self-stand tale commented by a minimalist music. One year's remainder shows the daily life of a community and its constant surprises: the fortuitous meeting between fishermen off the coast, a fire, the first birth of the year. That is what remains after the summer.