Ice Forest (second feature)

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Ice Forest (La foresta di ghiaccio)

Ice Forest (La foresta di ghiaccio)

original title:

La foresta di ghiaccio

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Emir Kusturica, Ksenia Rappoport, Adriano Giannini, Domenico Diele, Giovanni Vettorazzo, Maria Roveran, Rinat Khismatouline, Diego Ribon, Danilo Panzeri, Marco Tenti, Adriano Mosca, Stefano Pellizzari, Nusret Salija, Armend Salija, Bambara Aboubacar, Franco Paissan


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The movie tells the story of an incredible mystery, which takes place behind the outward serenity of a small village in the Alps. A storm is about to rage in the background and Pietro, a young specialized technician, arrives in the valley to repair a failure at the high altitude power plant, where he suddenly faces a very strange disappearance. Pietro then clashes with two brothers that live and work in the area, Lorenzo and Secondo. As soon as he understands the origin of the secrets hidden in the heart of the valley, tensions explode and distorting mirrors make no one immune from suspicion, not even Lana, the bears expert zoologist.

La foresta di ghiaccio is a thriller, a gigantic dramaturgical knot that slowly untangles to turn to dust and wind. It is a journey into the mind and the body, filled with a tension and fear that is sometimes beyond comprehension. Every detail has a specific fate; a threat can come from anywhere. This is a relentless obstacle course that the characters must complete without ever slowing their pace. Since childhood, Pietro has grown up in the expectation of the moment that he will go into action; he has spent years without ever letting his guard down, building his battleground piece by piece. To me the ice forest is a symbol: a small village that becomes a gigantic city in which deceit mixes with mendacity, and guilt is too feeble a feeling to be experienced. This is where the pack hides out, behind the power of nature, so that it doesn’t have to admit to its sin. I have always loved what is known as “magic realism”. Relying on a film genre to tell a story like this one makes it possible for me to narrate the film using a tone that is hard and dry but intensely emotional.