Buckets of Sunshine

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Buckets of Sunshine (Sole a catinelle)

Buckets of Sunshine (Sole a catinelle)

A vacuum cleaner vendor, Checco Zalone, promises his son a dreamsummer holiday if he gets an A in every subject on his report card. When his son returns with the perfect report card, Checco is forced to keep his promise and, despite being stone broke, the two set off on their dream holiday. Checco leaves with the hope of selling some vacuum cleaners to his relatives in Molise, but finds himself at the home of Zoe, a rich girl who has a child of the same age as his son. Zoe introduces Checco and his child into the fabulous world of opulent people, made of exclusive parties, yachts, horses, golf courses and evenings in Portofino. Checco's triumphant entry into the world he always dreamed of leaves its mark.. Every man for himself!