Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight (Colpi di fulmine)

Love at First Sight (Colpi di fulmine)

Love at First Sight (Colpi di fulmine)

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Colpi di fulmine

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A film that deals with the theme of love at first sight.
In the first part of the film, a psychiatrist (Christian De Sica) ends up as target of an investigation by the tax authorities. He is innocent, but he is afraid to go to jail before he can make his point, so he disguises himself as a priest and takes refuge in a small village in the mountains, where he pretends to be the new pastor of a small community. The situation becomes complicated when he falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman (Luisa Ranieri). For both of them the unexpected love is shameful: she believes he is a real priest and she should not “desire” him, while he is ashamed of the fact he lied to her and that he is a “fake” priest. These are the premises for a series of comic situations that will lead to a surprise ending.
The second part of the film takes place in Rome and centers around the Italian Ambassador to the Holy See (Greg). The diplomat, as required by his role, is very elegant and has impeccable manners, but he unexpectedly falls for a humble fishmonger (Anna Foglietta) who speaks only in Roman dialect and is very, very far from being a refined lady. She hates the ambassador’s formal ways, so, in order to please her, the diplomat decides to learn how to be a real boor with the help of his driver (Lillo). Always on the verge of being discovered, the ambassador and his driver will have to overcome all kind of hilariously difficult situations to try and solve the impossible situation ....