Pizza and Dates

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Pizza and Dates (Pitza e datteri)

Pizza and Dates (Pitza e datteri)

Pizza and Dates (Pitza e datteri)

original title:

Pitza e datteri

directed by:


Mehdi Meskar, Giuseppe Battiston, Hassan Shapi, Maud Buquet, Giovanni Martorana, Esther Elisha, Alessandro Bressanello, Gaston Biwole, Hafida Kassoui, Monica Zuccon, Paola Glaucia Virdone, Leonardo Castellani

set design:

Susanna Codognato

costume design:


Far Out Films, Acek, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Sugar Music, with the support of Camera di Commercio di Venezia, Venice Film Fund, Regione Veneto

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the story is completely shot in Venice, the splendid city where historically,artistically-and romantically-East and West have met since time immemorial.
Venice is the ideal crossroads for the tale of our times,of cultural exchange and integration.
The film tells the story of the lives in a small community of Muslims living in Venice and their daily problems along the way to becoming integrated into italian society.
Bepi,the italian protagonist, represents the crossng between these two cultures. Saladin is a young man who has just arrived from Afghanistan. This first trip is his discovery of Venice,the sea,culture,food,and love.And this encounter grows complicated... with the charismatic presence of the beautiful Zara.
And amidst the towers like minarets,domes and precious mosaics,the multhietnic sounds of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio resound,through a Venice just waiting to be discovered...