Intrepido - A lonely hero

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Intrepido - A lonely hero (L'intrepido)

Intrepido - A lonely hero (L'intrepido)

Intrepido - A lonely hero (L'intrepido)

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Palomar, Rai Cinema, supported by MiBACT

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DCP - colour

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Let’s imagine that there is a new craft, and that it is called “replacing”. Let’s imagine an unemployed man who would practice such craft every day. So much so, that he would actually work beyond measure, and that he would be, in his own way, a happy man.
All he does is take on, for a few hours, the role of absentees who duck – for more or less serious reasons, their official occupation. He makes do with just enough, our hero, because money isn’t everything in life: one needs to keep in shape, and not letting oneself go in times of, how to say, dark crises. Let’s imagine, also, that there is a twenty years old young man (his son) who plays the sax like a God, and is therefore lucky, as he is an artist. Let’s then imagine Lucia, restless and wary, that hides a secret behind her desire to get ahead.
Will they get to the next episode safe and sound?