Moonwalking Distance (first feature)

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Moonwalking Distance (Maicol Jecson)

Moonwalking Distance (Maicol Jecson)

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Maicol Jecson


Luca Esposito, Mauro Chiarello Ciardo

set design:

costume design:

Sara Costantini, Giovanna Dardano


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It’s the last week of June 2009. ANDREA decides to skip the summer camp he is supposed to attend together with his younger brother TOMMASO, while their parents are on holiday. Andrea is a 16 year-old boy like many others and wants to take advantage of this occasion to be alone with EVA, a beautiful girl he met at school who wants to make love for the first time with him. Andrea is very much in love with her and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.
To hamper with his plan though there is little Tommaso, a smart yet introverted kid. He is 9 years old and his idol is Micheal Jackson, he dresses like him and when he is not at home he wears a mask like the one used by the singer’s children in public appearances.
Andrea’s plan fails when Tommaso and Cesare, an elderly man, show up at the house. The man seems, in fact, convinced he is the children’s grandfather and acts as such from the beginning. He gives out orders, sets up rules and establishes good relationships with the neighbourhood, alternating clear head moments with unjustifiable and childlike behaviour. His presence though reassures MARIA, the nosy neighbour who had threatened to contact the boys’ parents. While Andrea tries to limit the damages and find a solution, Tommaso starts to grow fond of the grandfather who he had always believed dead.