An uncertain border

original title:

Un confine incerto

directed by:


Anna Malfatti, Moisè Curia, Cosmina Stratan, Valeria Golino, Salvatore Cantalupo, Benno Steinegger, Martina Schölzhorn, Heio von Stetten, Klara Höfels, Jens Weisser, Gerhard Polacek, Oliver Michael Jaksch, Lissy Pernthaler


set design:

Andrea Di Palma

costume design:


Gaundri, Indi Film, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Eurimages, MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, DFFF, Regione Lazio, IDM Film Commission Südtirol





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A campervan is parked in a lay-by in a small town in southern Germany. Two people live in it: a boy and a child. Often they go to eat in a restaurant, but the boy’s behaviour is so strange that the owner became suspicious and decided to film it with the CCTV. The restaurant owner is from South Tyrol and he has heard the child say a few words in Ladin. He tries to talk with the girl to get some information. The child reveals that the boy is not her brother nor even a relative. The couple disappear the next day. The restaurant owner decides to send the film to the police.
There is a policewoman in Italy who works with the Post and Communications Police in Rome and among the many horrible things she sees during her hellish days at work in which she has to identify the victims and perpetrators of crimes in on-line material, there is one particular face of a girl she cannot forget, that haunts her. In that video the girl really seems to be asking her for help.
Who was watching the girl? Who was behind the camera?
What did he look like, what does he look like, what might someone who does something like this look like? This is what the policewoman keeps asking herself.

This is a story of a girl who is kidnapped from a beautiful place, a place of breathtaking landscapes: the Val Gardena, a nest that had welcomed, protected and nourished her for the first years of her life. A place on the border between the worlds of Germany and Italy, where the roots of the ancient Ladin world are still strong and present, wrapped in the embrace of the ‘pale mountains’, the Dolomites.
This is a also a story about power relationships, about ‘big’ and ‘small’, adult and child. And about wrong relationships, those that are pointed in a direction that is not right, when the mechanisms of power start up and occupy space in time. Where someone can no longer distinguish the border between right and wrong because they expect everything from the other but without respecting them, without recognising the other as a person. Simply because they are ‘small’.
This is a story of imprecise and elusive borders that are swept away by the lack of frontiers and the possibility of wandering a single vast area (Central Europe) which has almost all been homologated and made similar through the use of the internet as well. A single huge forest in which to get lost, made up of antennae, signal repeaters, thick trees and on-line criminals.
This is a story of the girl’s return through this huge forest to her nest thanks to the umbilical cord of her mother tongue, Ladin, which will lead her home.