Wannabe Widowed

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Wannabe Widowed (Aspirante vedovo)

Wannabe Widowed (Aspirante vedovo)

original title:

Aspirante vedovo

directed by:


Ugo Chiti, Michele Pellegrini, Massimo Venier, from the comedy by Dino Risi of 1959 with the same title


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IBC Movie, Pupkin Production, Rai Cinema, in association with BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, with the support of FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte, Film Commission Torino Piemonte

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Alberto Nardi is a young entrepreneur who has managed to collect only a failure after another. His only real deal, on paper, was to marry Susanna Almiraghi, one of the richest and most powerful women in the country. Susanna, however, can not smarten of that scoundrel and inconclusive husband and decides to let him drown in his debt. For Alberto is the end, but fate seems to help him: Susanna is victim of a plane accident. Alberto suddenly finds himself a billionaire, and he poses as a great captain of industry.
Unfortunately for him, the dream does not last long: Susanna never took that plane, within twenty-four hours the misunderstanding resolves and she is back, harder and more determined than before while Alberto returns to be just her husband. But those few hours left the sign, Alberto starts thinking about how to get rid of his wife and returns to play the role that is most convenient: the wannabe widowed.