41° Parallelo

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41° Parallelo

41° Parallelo

41° Parallelo

original title:

41° Parallelo

directed by:




Davide Productions, Cinemafiction, with the collaboration of Film Commission Regione Campania





film run:





Ready (30/04/2013)

festivals & awards:

  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2014: Shorts Competition
  • Marbella Internacional Film Festival 2014: Short
  • Napoli Film Festival2014: Concorso Schermo Napoli Cortometraggi
  • Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival 2014: Films from Italy
  • Social World Film Festival 2014: Selezione Ufficiale

In Naples is about to break an event destined to be fixed forever in the collective memory. Stories that intertwine and meet in a unique choral narration, dedicated to those who, on that September 11th, at 3 in the afternoon, were not there. A Naples chaotic and globalized (on 41° latitude as New York), living with its humanity, resigned and sentimental, desperate and ironic, that stirs and unfolds, from the old city center. All the protagonists are caught at that 'moment' - when the plane flies low and crashes into a tower - which corresponds to a decisive moment in their lives. All are immersed in their lives, until the distant tragedy changed the course of events, even if only for a moment, and New York became the center of the universe. But for the people of Naples that center is moved away.
(Plot by Website Editor)