Mafia & Tomatoes

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Mafia & Tomatoes (La nostra terra)

Mafia & Tomatoes (La nostra terra)

Mafia & Tomatoes (La nostra terra)

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La nostra terra

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Planting tomatoes may seem a safe enough activity, except when that activity is conducted on a land confiscated by the State to mafia bosses.
The land of Alfio Bonavita, who 30 years ago was forced give away his farm to the local Mafioso, is presently made available by the State to an heterogeneous group of people, that has formed a cooperative.
Although their agricultural notion is poor, and their know- how in farming non-existent, they start working the land boycotted daily by unseen powers that try to hamper their activity in every way.
They apply for help to the Board Antimafia who sends over Filippo, very competent in antimafia laws and regulations but completely inexperienced to face practical problems.
He is petrified at first by the gigantic task he’s facing and has to resist the urge of just clearing the field.
But the curious dynamics of this peculiar troop keeps him going, or maybe the one thing that retains him is his budding sentiment for beautiful Rossana soul and head of this incongruous antimafia gang.