The Obscene Life

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The Obscene Life (La vita oscena)

The Obscene Life (La vita oscena)

The Obscene Life (La vita oscena)

original title:

La vita oscena

directed by:


Renato De Maria, Aldo Nove from his novel with the same title


set design:

costume design:


Filmvision, Lebowski, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Monochrome





film run:



DCP - colour

release date:


festivals & awards:

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Aldo Nove, the film La vita oscena (The Obscene Life) is a visionary, psychedelic journey. Left alone, after the sudden disintegration of his family, Andrea (Clément Métayer) seeks death but ends up finding life.
He sets off on a mind-blowing journey, speeding along on his skateboard as wild images merge with reality, distor- ting it.Waiting for the end that never comes – and never will. He passes through the visionary fire of dissolution, followed by the gaze of his mother (Isabella Ferrari). Until he finds the deeper meaning of his Obscene Life.

I decided to make a film based on Aldo Nove's autobiographical novel because after reading it I couldn't get the images evoked by this dramatic yet incredibly visionary story out of my head, and I practically had no choice but to make the movie.
I was attracted by the possibility of recounting a kind of pop odyssey to the rhythm of a poetic language capable of creating astounding images. The vulnerable teenage Andrea travels on his skateboard through a colourful, distorted, oneiric world, similar to that of the strip cartoon, which is both poetic and spectacular.
I would not have been able to capture Andrea’s visions without the valuable artistic contribution of the many talented people who worked alongside me, whom I would like to thank.