Song 'e Napule

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Song 'e Napule

Song 'e Napule

Song 'e Napule

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Song 'e Napule


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Naples, today- Paco, a conservatory graduate, is a refined but unemployed pianist. His mother finds an influence peddler to get him into the police. His total ineptitude relegates him to a judiciary warehouse. Then Commissioner Cammarota, a crime-fighting bulldog, orders him to go undercover and join the band of Lollo Love, a neo-melodic singer hired to perform at the wedding of Antonietta Stornaienco, daughter of the boss of Somma Vesuviana. Rumour has it that O’Fantasma, the faceless killer Cammarota has been chasing for years, will be at the wedding. Paco is really in trouble: risking his life on the frontline, playing music he hates, dressed like a jerk. It will be the turning point of his life.

Director’s statement
This film is based on an idea that Giampaolo Morelli described to us some years ago. We submitted it to Luciano Martino who believed in it from the first moment we talked to him about it, convincing us that this was the film we had to make after L’Arrivo di Wang and Paura 3D. We are proud t have directed the last film of the man whom we consider to be the greatest Italian producer of all time, as well as our teacher. A meeting and a partnership that lasted only a few years, but that for us meant everything and gave us what we needed, and what no one before him had been able to give us: a direction. With Song’e Napule we return to the genre that gave us so much satisfaction: detective comedy. We wanted to illustrate Naples and the unique phenomenon of the neo-melodic singers, famous in their own city yet total unknowns only a few miles away. As we made the film we fell in love with the city and had the presumption to go back and narrate it in a way that has died: the centre of the city, its beauty and uniqueness, as Nanni Loy and Ettore Scola once did.