La terra e il vento (first feature)

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La terra e il vento

La terra e il vento

original title:

La terra e il vento

directed by:


Sebastian Maulucci, Severino Iuliano



Giuseppe Pietro Tornatore

set design:

costume design:



AR.PA. Film, with the support of Regione Lazio, Fondazione Latina Film Commission





film run:




release date:


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Leonardo is a prodigy of climbing on peaks : Everest, Himalaya, India, Nepal. He even has a website on its business and documentaries on him. Leonardo left school to give missions climber refusing the family and the rural tradition that his brother, dominated by the wishes of family members, try to do. We are in the Lazio countryside when Leonardo is about to leave for Nepal for a new mission, but his stepbrother, Riccardo, which manages the family farm in Tuscany after the death of his father, stops asking him for help in resolving a matter of inerithance. Leonardo is forced to postpone the trip and is allowed a break in Tuscany. Riccardo’s uncle wants to detect the seal and how to manage it. As his stepmother , Paola, Leonardo’s mother is not able to handle it. Riccardo would also like to dedicate him to travel and to study of ancient civilizations, but it means to leave in the hands of shady the legacy of his father and asks Leonardo to enter into a partnership with him to defend the seal. Leonardo is forced to deal with what he was left behind, but being with Riccardo in Tuscany rediscovers beauty of the earth and nature. Only he follows the wind, he’s an adventurer and still does not know whether to accept the request of Riccardo. He’s fought. Things get complicated when Leonardo falls in love with Chiara, sister of Riccardo, resulting in hard – brother reaction and explicit hostility…..