Land of Saints (first feature)

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Land of Saints (La terra dei santi)

Land of Saints (La terra dei santi)

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La terra dei santi

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Vittoria left the North on her own accord, to start a career as a magistrate with a mission in mind, to defeat ‘Ndrangheta. Assunta, on the contrary into the Ndrangheta is obliged to stay, even if they have killed her husband and now compel her to marry her own brother in law. Caterina is Assunta’s elder sister, she has control of the family business whilst her husband,Alfredo Raso, the boss, is at large. To comply with Alfredo’s and her sister’s wishes, is the only possibility that Assunta has, to protect her two children, teenager Giuseppe -­‐ who already acts as a boss in the making -­‐ and little Franceschino in pre-­‐school. Alfredo appreciates Giuseppe’s qualities which, in time, will make a real boss of the boy and decides to finally initiate him into the ‘ndrangheta’. His first and foremost task, to be his son Pasquale’s bodyguard. While attempting to burn Vittoria’s car, Giuseppe succeeds in escaping, whilst Nando is caught and jailed. Nando is ready to help to get out of jail, but Assunta stops him. During a dramatic confrontation Vittoria, with a sudden intuition, informs Assunta that she will take her children into custody and deny access to the parents. Same will applied to all mothers that send their children to certain death. This move brings the three women on a dramatic confrontation, a confrontation where the loser will have to renounce to that that is most precious, their children.