Raunch Girl

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Raunch Girl


Clara Pizzaferri “Cleo Viper”, Alessandra Tisato “Banana”, Angela Buccella, Dario Maggiore, Danilo Pasquali, Matteo Perchinunno, Maia Pedullà, Laura Alesiani “Nana”, Sergio Messina, Davide Mozzanica, Maria Paola Pizzaferri, Mareva Zoli, Iris Cattani






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Mini DV/DV Cam - colour


Ready (01/01/2011)

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Clara, 21 years old, lives in Milan with her sister and, like other normal girls, simply goes to the local College.
She was not in her major age, while she decided to pose for some porn web-sites;
Clara simply sent some hot pictures, and the game was done: quickly she saw herself naked in some naughty website.
Why? Because this "was the fastest way to appear." But this was just the first step.
Clara, that doesn't care at all about parents' opinions and friends' silences, has decided to project and create her own porn website called Nakedarmy.com. This will be not a game: she wants to pay photographers and models, to create a real profit agency and live with the money earned through it. We want to explore and show the mind of a twenty years old girl who, probably more than bored, wants to find popularity through a "do it yourself" porn website, the fastest instrument to be famous and admired in this modern age. The story of Clara show us why a girl, young, rich and without any kind of real problem, wants to show herself to be considered cool, know by everybody.
This is also the generation of Clara.