Italy in a Day - Un giorno da italiani

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Italy in a Day - Un giorno da italiani

Italy in a Day - Un giorno da italiani

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Italy in a Day - Un giorno da italiani


Indiana Production, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, Scott Free, in association with BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

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Ready (26/07/2014)

Italy in a Day is the Italian version, directed by Gabriele Salvatores, of an idea of Ridley Scott. A number of people in Italy has been asked to send videos made with any device (videocamera, smartphone, photo camera) during the 24 hours of October 26, 2013. Desires, dreams, fears, remarks, anything believed of importance occurred that day or, also, simply what could be seen by looking out of the windows. Italy in a Day consists of 44,197 videos received, that is 2,200 hours of images, 632 edited videos, a team of 40 selectors organized by editors Massimo Fiocchi and Chiara Griziotti. Italy in a Day is an emotional diary, a census of the emotions and the thoughts of the Italians, a secular confession, the wish to share one’s feelings, an Italian psychodrama, some times tender, others angry or funny or desperate. It is also an involving honest remark, without intellectual filters, on the meaning of our communal trip on planet Earth in these years. In the digital communication era of the instant sharing and the hyper power of images, Italy in a Day is the first Italian experiment of a communal film in which the narration (both images and thoughts) is supplied by anybody wants to while the setup of the story is entrusted to professionals (editors, musicians and director). Not a social network but a social movie made with passion, respect and responsibility without giving up on a “necessary look” or a personal point of view on reality.

Italy 2.0. I don’t believe in direct democracy. I also don’t think that the audience is always right. And I don’t think that a guitar is enough to be a musician. For this, I found this experiment touching, instructive and interesting. It was possible to make only thanks to the media available today. I was the one to whom thousands could send their message in a bottle. Respect and care were necessary but also the awareness of one’s role. To tell one’s story with other people’s words. Today, deluged with any kind of images, isn’t maybe the editing, that is the story, the true soul of the film?