Index Zero (first feature)

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Index Zero

Index Zero

Index Zero

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Index Zero

directed by:


Simon Merrells, Ana Ularu, Antonia Liskova, Bashar Rahal, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Mya-Lecia Naylor, Velislav Pavlov, Meto Jovanovski, Ivo Tonchev, Plamen Manassiev, Alexandra Lopez



costume design:


Lorenzo Sportiello, Alex Campedelli





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2035, after the world economic crisis. A forward perspective of Europe. Kurt and Eva are going to have a baby but they have to face a long and hard trip to join a new and richer world where to enjoy freedom. They are about to succeed in it but they are caught and sent to the Welcome Centre. Here only sustainable people are accepted. As pregnant, Eva can not be sustainable so she is brought apart to the Expulsion Centre. Kurt turns into a rebel and wants to free Eva as soon as he can. So they escape and hide themselves just for one night. Before leaving Eva starts having contractions; Kurt brings her slyly to the hospital; but there is no doctor who knows how to make women give birth in the illegal “convential way”...

I consider Index Zero a humanist science-fiction film. I wanted to bring an intimist, European approach to a genre film. The realistic mise-en-scène makes the depiction of the future as naturalistic as possible, and even the abundant visual effects are invisible, there to serve the story. The narrative is rigorously subjective. To avoid the risk of being didactic, the viewer accompanies the lead characters as they discover the rules of this world they are in, experiencing the events along with them. Through the eyes of the two immigrants, in fact, we’ve chosen to grapple with current issues linked to the future of the United States of Europe and the sustainability of economies and peoples. Sustainability is now perceived as a positive value, but the film examines its extreme applications and consequences. Indeed, using genre as a metaphor for contemporary life is the most intriguing use to which science fiction can be put. Index Zero is not so much a portrayal of a dystopian future as a realistic projection of our dystopian present.