Furio Scarpelli: il racconto prima di tutto

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Furio Scarpelli: il racconto prima di tutto

Furio Scarpelli: il racconto prima di tutto

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Furio Scarpelli: il racconto prima di tutto


Furio Scarpelli, Giacomo Scarpelli, Ettore Scola, Stefania Sandrelli, Francesca Archibugi, Paolo Virzì, Caterina d’Amico, Masolino d’Amico, Daniele Scavolini, Riccardo Pangallo



Nico Capogna






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Digi Beta Pal - colour


Ready (01/11/2012)

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The film presents the life and the career of Furio Scarpelli, the screenplay master who passed away in 2010. With Age he wrote some of the masterpieces of Italian cinema from the 1950s onward: from the first Totò movies to Monicelli’s Deal on Madonna Street, The Big War, and For Love and Gold; from Germi’s Seduced and Abandoned to We All Loved Each Other So Much, and The Family directed by Scola. The movie is a journey through the landscapes of the past belonging to Scarpelli’s roots in Tuscany, during which we meet his friends, colleagues, and pupils (Scola himself, Stefania Sandrelli, Paolo Virzì, Francesca Archibugi, Caterina and Masolino d’Amico); it assembles together bits of interviews and film scenes, photographs and Super 8 film from the family’s archive, conjuring the past with a faux period film that was shot for the occasion.