Benvenuti a Casa Verdi (first feature)

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Benvenuti a Casa Verdi

Benvenuti a Casa Verdi

original title:

Benvenuti a Casa Verdi

directed by:


Lionello Semprini, Vincenzo Reina, Claudio Giombi



Alessio Occhiodoro



Massimiliano Bodio






film run:



HD - colour

aspect ratio:


festivals & awards:

  • Ariano International Film Festival 2013: Competition Feature Films

In Milan, behind the red brick walls of Casa Verdi, is a hidden world, a world made of musical notes and card games, and in which all the residents have a common theme: they are all elderly retired musicians. Lionello Semprini, son of a famous pianist, is one of them. Because of his neuroses and his odd exuberance, he has found it difcult to be accepted by the other guests of the house. But behind the guise of a jester hardly anyone notices his loneliness and his inner world dominated by the ghosts of his past.
Vincenzo Reina, instead, is the last member to have arrived at Casa Verdi. Determined to avoid all contact with the other guests, this misanthropic tenor only takes comfort in going out for walks every day, with his old dog. But from the other side of the road a child is watching him...
The baritone Claudio Giombi is undoubtedly the most charismatic character of Casa Verdi. After a long and rich career he is still driven by the desire to transmit to other people his joy for life and his love for music, and this time he has an ambitious plan: to overcome the resistance of the other guests and to bring them together in a great choral homage to music.