The Missing Paper

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The Missing Paper (Ustica)

The Missing Paper (Ustica)

The Missing Paper (Ustica)

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Caterina Murino, Marco Leonardi, Tomas Arana, Lubna Azabal, Enrico Lo Verso, Joe Capalbo, Paco Reconti, Federica Martinelli, Enzo Saponara, Jonis Bascir, Yassine Fadel, Enzo Saponara, Dani Samvis, Shelagh Gallivan, Nicole Pravadelli, Grazia la Ferla




Thomas Vanthuyne

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Martinelli Film, supported by Ministero della Cultura, WFE, with the participation of Polar Star Pharma, Seagull, Avv. Umberto Buttafava, in association with Dorotea e La Ferla Pietro, with the support of Regione Toscana, Regione Basilicata, Regione Sicilia, Toscana Film Commission, Lucana Film Commission







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On June 27th 1980, at 8.59’45’’pm, a DC9 belonging to the private italian airline ITAVIA disappears from the radar screens without launching any emergency signal.
The airplane was steady at cruise speed at an altitude of 7.600 meters, along the airway “AMBRA 13” then suddenly, without raising any alert, it crashes around the “CONDOR” point, between the islands of Ponza and Ustica, sinking in the so called “Tyrrhenian trench”, over 3.500 meters deep.
Eightyone persons died. Fourteen of those were children.
Wrecks and the few corpses found bear witness to the fact that the airplane blown up while flying, deconstructing into two main sections.
Three are the hypothesis time by time raised to expain the causes of the crash: a structural failure of the airplane, a bomb into the rear toilet, a missile that by mistake strikes down the DC9.
None of these hypothesis has been proved to date.
We have been working for three years side by side with two aeronautical engeneers on the huge amount of surveys and evidences gathered during the over thirty years passed from that tragic night in June.
Looking for the truth that those eightyone victims and their relatives are still claiming.
Examining this material lead us to a fourth, bloodcurdling hypothesis. It doesn’t demand to rise up as the truth, but it supports the fact that all the material reviewed finds its logical placement only into this fourth hypothesis.