Quiet Bliss

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Quiet Bliss (In grazia di Dio)

Quiet Bliss (In grazia di Dio)

Quiet Bliss (In grazia di Dio)

original title:

In grazia di Dio

directed by:


Celeste Casciaro, Barbara De Matteis, Gustavo Caputo, Anna Boccadamo, Laura Licchetta, Amerigo Russo, Angelico Ferrarese


set design:

costume design:


Saietta Film, Rai Cinema, in association with Banca Popolare Pugliese and Luigi de Vecchi, Regione Puglia, Main sponsor Pasta Granoro, with the support of Apulia Film Commission





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A playing-­‐out of the economic crisis afflicting our ‘global village’ takes place in a small town in the Salento, at the tip of the heel of Italy. “In Grazia di Dio” tells the story of four women from one family who face crisis as their small textile factory on the fringe of western Europe heads for bankruptcy. Obliged to sell their house and their factory, they have no other choice but to move back to the land to start a new life. It is not easy for our characters to adapt to their new existence – relations between them are already tense, they will have to get used to a complete lack of comfort and money. Adele, a strong-­‐willed person, becomes bitter and angry with the rest of the world, especially with her daughter, Ina, whose only dream is to be able to buy whatever she wants. Adele’s sister, Maria Concetta, dreams of becoming a great actress rather than work in the fields. It is only grandmother and widow, Salvatrice, who has faith that the family will never be abandoned by God. She tries to keep her daughters and grandchild together. She knows how to cultivate the land and knows that to survive the family must start by bartering. She is aware that this is more than just an exchange of produce. One man, Cosimo, in love for 50 years with Salvatrice, accompanies the family in its new peasant life, advising, lending a hand, and teaching the grandmother to sing. When Salvatrice falls in love with Cosimo, her grandchild Ina sees this as a betrayal. The harshness of their existence brings our four women to the point where their relationship could break down definitively. They are tried and tested and the experience is cathartic. All of a sudden happiness will be unexpected, like an answer to a prayer in a moment of grief.