Fly Me (second feature)

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Fly Me (VolaVola)

Fly Me (VolaVola)

original title:


directed by:


Bibbe Hansen, Blued Food, Fau Ferdinad, Lizsolo Mathilde, Honey Fairweather, Stella Costello, Aimee Weber, Sugar Seville, Frank Koolhaas, Evo Szuyuan, Finally Outlander, Toko Loon, Cristina Pavone


Simone Bellonio

set design:

Stella Costello

costume design:

Honey Fairweather

visual effects:

Brigit Lichtenegger


Isabella Arnaud, Arnaldo Guido


Mork & Berry,, Katell Production, Cinesicilia





film run:





animation film

festivals & awards:

  • RIFF - Roma Independent Film Festival 2010: Special Event
  • Atopic Festival 2009
  • ILE San Paolo eletronic language international festival 2010
  • Casino Luxembourg, forum d'Art Contemporain 2010
  • Winner Prize Simona Gesmundo

VolaVola is a choral history, which tells the various facets of contemporary world, comparing lifestyles, feelings and world visions of three different generations.
As the movie develops, the events, at the beginning apparently unrelated, become linked and is possible to understand that all the main characters are members of the same family.
The three main stories are about Ugo and Francesca, Annalisa and Carlo, and Matteo and Sofia.
Ugo and Francesca, grown up in a world which seems to be far away now, where the media had no importance in education, now their life is quite lost, filled with a deep sense of nostalgia, always looking for a new balance and a new harmony, which might have been irreversibly lost.
Annalisa e Carlo have grown up in the television era and they still need to be part of it, to be good-looking and famous, as in soap operas. Annalisa is a journalist, well-known but not young anymore, she cannot accept the idea of time going by, leaving permanent marks on her body. Carlo is younger than her, but not famous yet, they need each other but misunderstandings, selfishness and craving for success take them to an explosive mix that drags their romance into a growing spiral of madness.
Matteo and Sofia are growing up right now, in the Internet era, they feel far away from the past patterns, they use new tools to show who they are, their future is as hopeful as unsure, because it is hard to arrange dreams with no pattern or reference. Their story remain suspended in a dreamlike atmosphere and ends in a space-time gap, as it always happens in dreams, myths and moments of pure happiness.