The War of the Yokels

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The War of the Yokels (La guerra dei cafoni)

The War of the Yokels (La guerra dei cafoni)

The War of the Yokels (La guerra dei cafoni)

original title:

La guerra dei cafoni


Ernesto Mahieux, Claudio Santamaria, Fabrizio Saccomanno, Fabrizio Pugliese, Letizia Cartolaro, Donato Paterno, Pasquale Patruno, Piero Dionisio, Kevin Magrì, Angelo Cucinelli, Pierluigi Elia, Pierpaolo Donno, Alksander Di Tano, Gateano Fiore, Pasquale Lepore, Leonardo Morello, Stefano Pellegrini, Nicolò Grassi, Domenico Lacriola, Marco Dell’Aglio, Mariano Barnabà, Francesco De Taro, Angelo Corelli, Luigi Indiveri, Davide Giarletti, Alice Azzariti, Angelo Pignatelli, Iole Romano, Danilo Palmisano, Franco Ferrante


Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte, Carlo D'Amicis, Giulio Calvani, Barbara Alberti, from the novel by Carlo D'Amicis with the same title


set design:

Egle Calò


David Aaron Logan

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Summer 1975. In a village on the eastern coast of Puglia, a war is rekindled between the sons of the well-to-do familes and the children of the local fishermen, shepherds, and farmers: the so-called cafoni or bumpkins. Hostilities are declared by the leader of the well-to-do families, whose real first name is Angelo, but whose nickname bears the mark of a champion and of the perfidious: Francisco Marinho (a buccaneering Brazilian soccer star of the period), also known as the Evil One. Obsessed with his hatred for the cafoni - part buffoon, part local soccer-league George Bush - Francisco Marino fights in the name of the class division and historic continuity. When, however, out of a tragicomic misunderstanding, his vision of the world is undercut by a new dimension of compassion - or perhaps love - for a young cafona, or bumpkin woman, the separation between good and evil, previously always so clear, begins to cloud over.