Senza pietà (first feature)

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Senza pietà (Senza nessuna pietà)

Senza pietà (Senza nessuna pietà)

Senza pietà (Senza nessuna pietà)

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Senza nessuna pietà

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Luca Novelli, Yuksek







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MIMMO is a 40 year old construction worker who follows orders, even if it means breaking the bones of those who can´t pay for their renovations. On these visits, it is his colleague, IL ROSCIO, who does all the talking, the threatening. Both men work for Mimmo´s uncle, SANTILI. Santili has a son, MANUEL - a dangerously spoiled 30-year-old playboy. Il Roscio promises that he´ll get him the sexiest girl he´s ever come across – TANYA. Mimmo is in charge of picking her up, but Manuel postpones his birthday party in the meantime, leaving Mimmo in charge of hosting Tanya for the day. They fight at first, are complete opposites but a certain attraction starts growing between them. When Manuel hurts Tanya and humiliates her, Mimmo can´t stand it and dishes out a severe beating to him.
From now on, Mimmo is on the run and his life will never be the same again...

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of people fighting against adversity to free themselves from their condition, and Senza nessuna pietà is one of those stories. Mimmo and Tania are two solitary individuals, two spirits unknown to each other and to themselves, but out of their meeting something unique is born. Their out-of-the-ordinary bond is formed in a classic noir structure, where those who hunt give no respite to those who flee. I’ve tried to give breadth to the characters, with the aim of imparting an epic tone to the story. I’ve made every effort to permit the actors complete freedom of expression in their movements, using a handheld camera that is constantly at their service and taking care to pick up every nuance of their emotions.