So Far So Good

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So Far So Good (Fino a qui tutto bene)

So Far So Good (Fino a qui tutto bene)

So Far So Good (Fino a qui tutto bene)

original title:

Fino a qui tutto bene

directed by:


set design:

Rincen Caravacci

costume design:

Rincen Caravacci


I Gatti Mezzi e Zen Circus



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The last weekend for five guys who studied and lived in the same house, where they ate old jars of spaghetti sauce and pasta with nothing on it, experienced stretches of boredom and rapid hookups, pulled all-nighters studying and parties at dawn, envy, joy, sparkling wine, love and hurt. But now that naive, exciting and protected time of life is about to end, and they will have to become responsible adults. Each of them will go in a different direction, making choices that will change everything. Some will stay in their home town, others will leave to work abroad. This is the story of the last three days during which five friends share what might be the best time of their life, a moment they will never forget.

In 2013, the University of Pisa asked me to make a documentary. And I was surprised to find myself talking to kids who, rather than complain about the economic crisis, took it as a challenge. To raise the stakes, rather than give up. This is how we got the idea for talking about the end of that naïve, protected period. Instead of going to a producer who would tell us there was no more money, rather than give up, we put together a motley crew of young enthusiasts. The organizer was the owner of a bookstore, the data manager an intern at the Tirreno News, the editing secretary was the screenwriter and my partner, five months pregnant. We only had one electrician/key grip, only one costume and set designer. We were free to make a film that belonged to us. The actors slept in the house we were filming in so that they actually became roommates, and we didn’t spend any money on a hotel. This climate turned us into the characters of the film: the actors wore their own clothes, the rooms were their own, and when we left that house, we had a lump in our throats.