Soap opera

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Soap opera

Soap opera

Soap opera

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Soap opera


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All the intrigues and emotional ups and downs that connect the bizarre tenants of the same building on New Year’s Eve. Francesco is still in love with his ex, who’s pregnant by another man. Paolo’s wife may be pregnant, but he’s not so sure about his own sexual orientation. Francesca’s ex-boyfriend has just killed himself; Alice stars in a popular soap opera; Gianni and Mario are two over-the-top brothers whose fates are intertwined since an accident landed one in a wheelchair and turned the other into his caregiver. When Gaetano the Carabiniere arrives, the tenants are in for the startling twists and turns of a night to remember that will change all of their lives for good.

The film combines at least three classic genres: comedy, melodrama and the noir. I wanted to create a separate universe and catapult the viewer into the world of imagination and creativity. I managed to get mostly the actors I’m used to working with involved; maybe since my background is in theater, I like the idea of the troupe.
When you have a “troupe”, you can get to know your actors and involve them right from the writing stage. For me, counting on the people I’ve always worked well together with was completely natural. While I was writing the script, I could already imagine the characters’ faces: I had an actor for them! In fact, I created each character thinking of the idiosyncrasies of the actors I knew. This is not an ordinary comedy.
Instead of being inspired by real life, it throws a series of stars into a bizarre, madcap world, invented, not real. I felt that both the actors and the audience would find this interesting; the actors, as well, would have the challenge of an acting style and a film genre that they don’t often come across.