Lovebirds – Rebel Lovers in India

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Lovebirds – Rebel Lovers in India

original title:

Lovebirds – Rebel Lovers in India

directed by:


Sanjoy Sachdev


Gianpaolo Bigoli, Mariachiara Illica Magrini, Marco Gualazzini


Gianpaolo Bigoli, Marco Gualazzini


Gianpaolo Bigoli, Mariachiara Illica Magrini, Simona Bertoglio, Paolo Spada


Wendy Film, Insana





film run:





Ready (04/10/2012)

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In India, you're running a big risk if you fall in love with someone from a different caste or religion. Being kicked out of the family or becoming the victim of an "honor killing" are just two of the possible consequences for lovers who choose to stay together against their families' wishes. This film follows a few couples that have rebelled and run away from home, fleeing their small villages in the countryside. They're welcomed into a dilapidated house in New Dehli, where Mr. Sachdev, who wholeheartedly supports their choice, takes the lovebirds under his wing. Together with his activist group of aid workers called the "Love Commandos," he supports the latter-day Romeos and Juliets with legal help and advice, and by mediating with the families and providing safe houses and protection against any possible acts of revenge from villagers. Twenty-somethings Arti and Sanjay got married in secret, and they hope to be able to reunite with their parents so they can lead a normal life. Will it ever be possible in India to marry for love? Along the way, the families also get to have their say. They are facing their own dilemmas: should they comply with the prevailing tradition or put their children's happiness first? Production Mariachiara Illica Magrini for Wendy Film Gianpaolo Bigoli for Wendy Film Simona Bertoglio for Insana Paolo Spada for Insana