Un pensiero Kalasnikov

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Un pensiero Kalasnikov

original title:

Un pensiero Kalasnikov

directed by:


Lorenza Pisano, Paolo Roberto Di Seglio, Anna Sala



Alex Grigoras


Antonio Toscano

set design:

Eugenia Tartarelli

costume design:

Emilia Patrignani






film run:





Ready (26/07/2013)

festivals & awards:

  • Terra di Cinema festival 2014: Compétition
  • The European First Film Festival of Angers 2014: Films d’écoles Européens
  • La Biennale di Venezia 2013: Orizzonti
  • Molodist - Kyiv International Film Festival 2013: International Competition Student Films
  • London Shorts Film Festival: 2014
  • Helsinki International Film Festival: 2014
  • International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing: 2014
  • Pančevo Film Festival: 2014: Best Short Film, Best Acting
  • Sindh International Film Festival: 2014
  • InHouse Film Festival: 2014
  • Festival du nouveau Cinéma Italien: 2014
  • Salento International Film Festival: 2014
  • Silhouette Festival: 2014
  • Lago Film Festival: 2014
  • Kinemastic Festival Malta: 2014
  • Red Rock Film Festival: 2015
  • Lichtspielklub Shorts Film Festival / British Shorts: 2015

Pietro is a simple, introvert boy, a novice at high school. Like his schoolmates he is beginning to face the changes of childhood into adolescence life with its eccentricities and its doubts. Pietro discovers his own body, finds a new interest and wish for the opposite sex, quests for his own personality and finally realizes the need to find himself outside the everyday family life.
He is living that particular moment of life when you look at yourself in the mirror: still a child but with a secret and overwhelming wish of growing up overnight.
 A brief period of 360° enchantment, curiosity, unbridled passion towards something still unknown: the outside world begins to make sense - yet uncompleted. All of a sudden you are able to take decisions and actions although they may be different from the intentions.
Milano in the cold winter. Its characters, sometimes grotesque, its melancholic Christmas joy and Pietro, like a ghost, a tireless observer who leads us in a journey of pictures and little epiphanies.