Taranta on the Road (second feature)

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Taranta on the Road

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Taranta on the Road

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Aysel and Yasser, two North African immigrants, have just landed illegally on the shores of Italy and are in a hurry to make their way to other European destinations. But the day after their landing, there are more emergencies due to illegal disembarkations and every movement is fraught with difficulty. There is a great risk of their being caught and repatriated.
Aysel and Yasser do not have anything in common, they don’t even know each other. Nonetheless, fate has not only decided to bring them together as soon as they land in Italy, but has also placed them in the situation of having to pretend to be husband and wife in the eyes of the « Evangelists », three musicians in their forties who have decided to help them to cross the borders of Italy. In fact, the musicians are mistakenly convinced that these two immigrants are a married couple in great difficulty who have the further burden of expecting a baby.
And so, in a mix of drama and comedy, adventure friendship and love will warm the hearts and bring the souls of these characters together - these persons who are apparently so distant and yet so close to each other. These protagonists who have placed their very existences on standby to follow a dream, will manage to rediscover themselves and to savour a taste of life.

Director’s Notes:
The film has as its central theme the conflict that is sometimes generated between the need to realize one’s personal ambitions and the need to live life to the full even when these objectives have not been realised (as yet). A conflict between two fundamental aspects of human existence that often leads one to establish priorities that are misplaced and to forget how very important it is to know how to live one’s personal life to the hilt – come what may. A journey undertaken by these protagonists of Honeymoon that is not only a physical journey but also, and above all, an existential one. It is in fact a journey between characters who are apparently so diverse in their ways yet so close – an occasion to underline how various cultural differences can be shaded out in more ways than one can imagine.
The style of the film tends towards the hyper-realistic, with a mood that is essential, direct and introspective. A “dramatic” comedy that try to explain that only by entering wholeheartedly into the game, with courage, simplicity and faith in other human beings can life reserve some pleasant surprises which were unthinkable a while ago.