Dai nostri inviati - La Rai racconta la Mostra del Cinema 1980 – 1989

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Dai nostri inviati - La Rai racconta la Mostra del Cinema 1980 – 1989


Debora Longini, Patrizia Grossi


Rai Educational, Rai Teche





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Ready (08/08/2013)

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Continuing the account of past years, the project Dai nostri inviati – La Rai racconta la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia focuses on the period from 1980 to 1989. In 1980 we saw the return of the awards, dropped after the protests of 1968, principally for commercial and promotional purposes, and thus Venice started to compete with Cannes again. And in that same year of 1980, Michelangelo Antonioni brought to the Lido a work somewhere between cinema and television, made using TV cameras and magnetic tape instead of movie cameras and film, which is also what was happening in the news bulletins of the Rai. The festivals of the eighties were a continual dialogue between cinema and television, with the Rai producing and coproducing dozens of the titles presented and increasing the hours of live broadcasting and the minutes of news reports on the three Rai channels that followed step by step the stars, the directors, the controversies, the coups de théâtre, even the politicians and other notables who passed through the Palazzo del Cinema. The Rai correspondents of the festivals of the eighties were: Lello Bersani, who reported on the festival for Tg1 until 1989, assisted from 1982 onward by a young hopeful, Vincenzo Mollica; at the Tg2 the Venetian Gianni Raccanelli alternated with Marilisa Trombetta; the Rete 3, later Raitre, devoted hours of live broadcasts to the festival every day, anchored by Beniamino Placido, Tommaso Chiaretti, Claudio G. Fava, Isabella Rossellini, Irene Bignardi, Mimma Nocelli and many others.