Tre tocchi

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Tre tocchi

Tre tocchi

Tre tocchi

original title:

Tre tocchi

directed by:


Marco Risi, Francesco Frangipane, Riccardo Di Torrebruna


costume design:


Ambi Pictures, Tre Tocchi





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Six stories of actors – of men – with all their passions and frustrations, joys and disappointments, successes and failures. Gilles is a young soap actor, apparently cocky and self-confident, but actually so weak and insecure that he becomes a cocaine addict. Vincent spends his days at his father’s bedside in the hospital and sings for his supper at a restaurant. Leandro, the oldest of the six, returns to his native Naples with a newfound awareness. Max also returns often to his native Basilicata, whenever he needs some solace. Antonio works in theater, thanks to the woman who is “keeping” him, but also because he’s taken risks that have paid off. Then there’s Emiliano, the eternal loser, hijacked by his chronic insecurity. Director’s statement The thread running through these six stories is a passion for soccer. Six stories of six underemployed actors, a few of whom need to ace an audition in front of a major director, an audition that could change their lives. Audiences always think that film and film actors belong o a “privileged” category; they have no inkling of the frustrations and disappointments, or the unexpected lucky breaks and rewards, of this business. For six years now, I’ve been playing soccer on the team of actors coached by the glorious Giacomo Losi. Pasolini was once an illustrious member. Every Tuesday and Saturday we play on a ordinary field on the outskirts of the city, and every time it’s good fun, full of amusing experiences to tell our friends. I was curious about these actors who are out of work or desperately looking for work, while never losing their pride or dignity. I contacted them and asked them to tell me their personal stories, and I selected six of them, the best: true stories, powerful and full of feeling, folly, and an energy that is life-affirming.