Fuorigioco (first feature)

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directed by:


Toni Garrani, Crescenza Guarnieri, Nicola Pistoia, Azzurra Rocchi, Maurizio Bianucci, Denny Cecchini, Nadia Visintainer, Enrico Licata


Carlo Benso, Nik Redian


set design:

Alessia Muntoni

costume design:

Helga H. William


Sergio de Vito






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release date:


festivals & awards:

  • ARTELESIA FILM FESTIVAL 2013: In Competition - Best Actor

It's the story of Gregorio Samsa (an homage to the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka),a manager of about 55 years old that gets fired at height of his professional career. All of a sudden,Gregorio finds himself into thin air. A nothingness that grows day by day and fills itself with distressing paranoias.
Every morning,Gregory wakes up scared by the nightmares that nag him during his sleep and by the new day that is about to start: an empty day, with no engagements, appointments, or commitments. A gigantic time to fill,a vacuum he needs to make sense of. Another day in which all of his actions and all of his thoughts will strengthen the obsession of being the victim of a plot. He considers his firing an enormous mistake for the company and is determined to do anything to get back to his job.
Looking at the windows facing his apartment, Gregory is attracted by the appeal of a girl. Her sinuous and seductive body captures his attention and leads him to look at his own naked body in the mirror. His body, despite age, is still good-looking, muscular, tense, firm, with good proportions.He’s still able to desire and be desired. He’s still a man with strength and beauty.
While Gregory spends his days spying the girl living in front of him,the outside world steps in his home loudly through the TV. The images are those of a world on war, flung into violence by the desperation generated by a social and political crisis that can no longer be stopped.
Gregory,twisted in his own anguish and paranoia,tries to involve friends and former colleagues to help him investigating the supposed plot against him,to be able to blackmail the company that kicked him out and get his job back. However, any advice from his friends ends up unheard,as does any analysis of a dramatic reality that turns everybody’s life upside down.
Gregory can’t accept it. He can’t resign himself and live with a social context that makes everybody a victim of an insane political and economic system. Neither can the love of his wife Lucy manage to keep him tied up to reality, to overcome the depression that overwhelms him. In the end,Gregory unleashes his own ghosts,who lead him towards searching a scapegoat and hurl him into a crazy carrousel of violence.