Ultima fermata (first feature)

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Ultima fermata


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Franco Eco, Paolo Jannacci, Flo, Sineterra





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festivals & awards:

  • Dublin International Film Festival 2016: Special Presentations & Galas
  • Taormina Film Fest 2014: Omaggio a Claudia Cardinale
  • Pko Off Camera - Kraków International Festival of Indipendent Cinema 2015
  • Santa Marinella Film Festival 2015: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Terre di Siena International Filmfestival 2015: Log to Green Movie Award, Sanese d'oro Award

This is the story of several generations of men and women whose lives have been bound by a legendary train line in the lands of South of Italy. The train line in the last century observed, like a mute spectator, entire families' departures and arrivals, love and hate stories full of joy and sorrow, as time passed by on the track line.
Francesco Capossela, a captain of the Military Police in Torino, comes back in the South for the funerals of his father Domenico, the train conductor of the Avellino-Rocchetta-S. Antonio train line, not currently in use anymore and soon to be fully dismessed.
Francesco, slowly and unintentionally, by discovering a secret diary which belonged to his father, will understand all those missed hugs and mysterious in-comprehensions which characterized the last years of his father’s life.
What Francesco thought were certainties now dissolve one after another, letting him feel new emotions which turn him into a different man. From the summer of ’65 to today the story of the Avellino-Rocchetta-S. Antonio's railway crosses and entangles to the life story of the train conductor Domenico Capossela.