From the Depths

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From the Depths (Dal profondo)

From the Depths (Dal profondo)

From the Depths (Dal profondo)

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Dal profondo

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Ready (14/10/2013)

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What is it that pushes a woman each day to descend 500 metres beneath the earth’s surface, to challenge darkness, fear, and a crew of 150 men? Patrizia is the only – and the last – female miner in Italy. A mine that faces shutdown, a parallel universe that wants to be discovered, and a new, proudly feminine perspective on the world underground.

Director’s statement
In certain stories numbers are not cold mathematical calculations but actual lives in danger. There are films that capture these existences and feel the need to recount their human adventure, appalled by the numerical progression plunging towards zero. Dal Profondo adds up all these figures and tries to show what they mean. 57,600 hours a miner spends underground; 500 metres below sea level; 150 miners in operation; 10 years without selling the coal they extract; 8 days of work; one woman: Patrizia. Wherever humanity gets the upper hand, the numbers tend to go up and tell whatever it’s impossible to see. A film turns into a human experience: 1 director; 2 years of work to get exclusive access; 4 crew members who lived in the mine: 26 days spent underground; 70 minutes of a film to take you into the darkness. The style is radical; filmed completely underground, Dal profondo is long silences, the editing suspended, and a lone voice - of a woman. A film about absence, struggle and a life in the dark.