The Lake

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The Lake (Il lago)

original title:

Il lago


Sumio Ebisuno, Isabella Cosentino, Eugenia Lupano, Yukai Ebisuno, Enrico Catalucci, Lorenza Rigoldi, Roberto Crolla, Carla Foglia Viviani, Cristina Viviani


Kandagawa Japanese Folk Song, Daoyin Yangsheng Gong





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HD - colour


Ready (05/11/2013)

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Along the shores of a lake, man and a woman face together the autumn of their life. In a garden apparently located in Japan, a heron becomes the messenger of ominous forebodings. An elderly woman watches the innocent wisdom of the void. The meeting of two cultures and a love story that has endured the wear and tear of time, in the search for a deeper meaning to life and death, between the notes of a song and the verses of a poem.

“We wanted to try to tell a fairytale with the reality surrounding us, through a personal journey inside our family. We followed Yukai’s parents for three years, telling the love story of an Italian-Japanese couple that decided to grow old together surrounded by nature. For us, watching them was like looking at the present while imagining our own future. With time, the lake became our point of view, the center of gravity around which life revolved. Little by little, the rhythm of the seasons started articulating the story, transforming it into a universal tale on the passing of time, on love, and on not wanting to stop dreaming by playing.”