Girl in Flight (first feature)

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Girl in Flight (La fuga - Girl in Flight)

Girl in Flight (La fuga - Girl in Flight)

original title:

La fuga - Girl in Flight

directed by:



set design:

Roberta Iaci

costume design:


Michael King, Ruedi Gerber


Perché No Films, ZAS Films, with the support of Regione Lazio, in collaboration with RSI, Roma Lazio Film Commission, Toscana Film Commission





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

Silvia (Lisa Andreozzi), a headstrong, determined eleven-year-old girl from a small town in Tuscany, glows with excitement as she boards a train alone going towards Rome. She immediately befriends a 13-year-old boy, and when asked by the boy’s mother how she came to be traveling alone, Silvia replies “my parents are very modern and leave me alone to do as I wish.”
Three months earlier at her home, Silvia’s mother Guilia (Donatella Finochiarro) is incapacitated by a severe episode of recurrent depression and her father Pietro (Filippo Nigro), a introspective man of few words and many rules, is of little help. Silvia suffers greatly from the rejection of her mother and lack of attention from her father, and, at her breaking point after another negative response from her parents to her question about a promised trip to Rome, Silvia gathers her things together and leaves... alone.
Back on the train, Silvia meets Emina (Maddelena Halilovic), a smart, defiant thirteen year old Gypsy girl, and upon arriving in Rome, follows Emina as she disappears down a stairway inside Rome’s enormous Termini station...