Invisible (second feature)

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Invisible (Invisibili)

Invisible (Invisibili)

Invisible (Invisibili)

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Il Liceo, Piero Buccella, Carlo Venezia






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festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles - Italia 2022: Look At... - Best Feature
  • Ischia Global Fest 2022: Selezione ufficiale
  • BCT Festival cinema e televisione di Benevento 2022: In concorso
  • Ariano International Film Festival 2022: In concorso
  • Cinemaking International Film Festival 2022: Official Selection
  • Mario Puzo Film Festival 2022: Selezione ufficiale Premio Mario Puzo - Miglior Attore (Nello Mascia)
  • Cilento Fest, cinema e borghi 2022: In concorso - Gran premio della giuria
  • Villamare Film Festival 2022: In concorso
  • International Cilento Film 2022: In concorso - Miglior film italiano
  • Kenya International Sports Film Festival (KISFF) 2022: In concorso - Menzione speciale
  • Catania Film Fest 2022: In concorso
  • Festival Internazionale del cinema di Salerno 2022: In concorso
  • International Film Festival Sport 2023
  • Tirana European Youth Film Festival 2023
  • FIC.UBA Buenos Aires 2023: in Competition

In a small village in southern Italy, everyone knows everything about everyone. Peppino's mother has just run away from home, abandoning the family. Peppino, barely an adult, nicknamed "Platini" since he was a child, and his father Gerardo, a truck driver, they're both in crisis. The talent for football of little Peppino led Gerardo to bet everything on his career. Between injuries, training, auditions and lies, Peppino grows up under the strict rules of his father and spends his time with his coach-mentor, Carmando, a retired postman who makes everyone believe he played in Serie C. Jenny, the debts of his father with Don Antonio, the difficulties in the youth teams of the capital, and an injury, will bring Peppino back to reality. To no longer feel invisible, Peppino has to do something.