Happy to be Different

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Happy to be Different (Felice chi è diverso)

Happy to be Different (Felice chi è diverso)

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Felice chi è diverso

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Giorgio Bongiovanni, Nicola Calì, Francesco Cocola, Pieralberto Marchesini, Roberto Pagliero, Claudio Mori, Alba Montori, Aldo Sebastiani, Corrado Levi, Ciro Cascina, Agostino Raff, Ninetto Davoli, John Francis Lane, Fernando Nigiro, Mosè Bottazzi, Paolo Poli, Lucy Salani, Roberto David, Glauco Bettera


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colour & b/w

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The film takes us on a voyage to a hidden Italy rarely addressed on film: Gay Italy as it was lived in the 20th century, from the turn of the century up to the 80s. The documentary gives voice to those who personally had to bear the weight of being “different”, remembering how their lives were shaped by this situation during Fascism and in the aftermath of World War II, in an anthropologically and culturally widely diverse nation. Theirs is a mixed testimony of repression, censorship, dignity, courage, and happiness, making way for the final image of a world – our world – that still has a long way to go towards respect and liberty for everyone.