Alfredo Bini, the unexpected guest

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Alfredo Bini, the unexpected guest (Alfredo Bini, ospite inatteso)

Alfredo Bini, the unexpected guest (Alfredo Bini, ospite inatteso)

Alfredo Bini, the unexpected guest (Alfredo Bini, ospite inatteso)

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Alfredo Bini, ospite inatteso

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Giuseppe Simonelli, Bernardo Bertolucci, Claudia Cardinale, Manolo Bolognini, Gianni Bisiach, Piero Tosi, Enrico Lucherini, Bruno Torri, Rino Barillari, Giuliano Montaldo, Ugo Gregoretti, Don Backy, Valerio Mastandrea



Luca Lardieri, Edoardo Rebecchi


Kimerafilm, Axelotil Film, Luce Cinecittà, Giuseppe Simonelli, with the collaboration of Factory10, Bielle re, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, Teche Rai

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Ready (29/07/2015)

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The movie is shot almost like a mystery: through the testimony of actors, directors and friends, what is revealed is the human energy and the life of one of our most courageous and liberated producers. The intention is to go “beyond” the traditional biographical documentary, constructing the account in a composite style, which mixes unusual “offstage” inserts with more traditional interviews and archive footage at a fast pace.

Montalto di Castro, 2001. An elderly man appears in front of the Motel Magic run by Giuseppe Simonelli. His name is Alfredo Bini, a famous movie producer, best known for his long and intense collaboration with Pier Paolo Pasolini, overseeing his directorial debut in 1960 with Accattone and all his movies up to Edipo re in 1967. The man is going through a period of economic difficulty and finds himself temporarily homeless. Giuseppe decides to put Bini up, and before long a very special relationship is born, like that of a father and a son. Testimony and archive material are thus used to tell the story of a life lived for the cinema, from the successes of the 70s to the crisis of recent years.