The Sun of the Sinful (first feature)

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The Sun of the Sinful (Il sole dei cattivi)

The Sun of the Sinful (Il sole dei cattivi)

original title:

Il sole dei cattivi

directed by:


Luca Lionello, Nino Frassica, Nichi Vendola, Elio, Cinzia Carrea, Federico Rosati, Manfredi Saavedra, Francesca Angelozzi, Maurizio De Notariis, Veronica Barelli, Edoardo Ripani, Lucilio Santoni



set design:

Serena Amabili

costume design:

Antonella Rocco, Rosa Di Maulo


Sergio Cammariere, Gerardo Casiello, Elio e le Storie Tese, Roberto Di Carlo






film run:




festivals & awards:

  • Popoli e Religioni - Umbria International Film Festival 2014: Best Actors(Nino Frassica, Luca Lionello), Best Film

The film presents the characters of Herod and Caiaphas in a reality show. Herod, questioning God provokes the visitors of the live nativity scene in Grottammare hurling abuses at everyone. He experiences moments of depression, anxiety and anger by the living nativity scene next to the impersonators and the audience, until he discovers an unexpected meaning in the surreality of an incident that changes the habitual as well as the visionary. Caiaphas with his remorse upsets the representation of the Passion of Larino. His presence in the Passion is like an overturned Way of the Cross, the martyr of which turns out to be the old priest. Between tragedy and irony the film tells the story of the birth and death of Christ from the dubious point of view of the human being. IL