The Green Colour of Life (first feature)

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original title:

Il colore verde della vita

directed by:


Francesco Maccarinelli, Roberto Rizzoni, Olga Guseva, Vincenzo Caldarola, Barbara Pasqua, Mattia Serrago


costume design:


Giovanni Paris





film run:




release date:


The film recounts the story of Elias, a young borderline boy with a very troubled past. A robbery gone wrong and the death of an accomplice forced him to move away from that place to escape from the law. During the escape Elias by chance meets a man who saves his life and decides to follow him. During the trip, the old man revealed that Elias is an addict, rather than dismiss him, he warms up to the young boy and decides to help him. He makes him into his house and offers him a way to eradicate his drug dependency. The time runs away and Elias notwithstanding exceeds the difficult time opens his heart to the old man, seeing in him the father he never had. After much work on crack addiction, Elias has finally learned from his mistake, is someone new, stronger and more aware. Meanwhile, Elias meets a Ukrainian girl, the two young people are doing well together, tell each other past experiences, sharing their difficult moments. Then one day Elias notes some strange scars on the body of the suffering from self-injury, a consequence of a stormy past. Elias feels duty-bound to help her. His words are incisive and convince the girl to embrace him and to ask him to make a love but he refuses because he loves another. The disappointed girl runs away, the despair caused by that no, her own instability and sensitivity cause her to commit suicide. Elias tries to stop her but arrives too late, she has cut her wrists and is in danger of dying. A frantic race to reach a hospital but unfortunately the girl dies. Elias suffers for this loss, he wanted to save her but it was not possible. The next day, Elias recounts the robbery to the old man, revealing the whole truth but the man had read of the robbery in a newspaper and instead of denouncing it, he chose to help him. Elias felt that it was time to go home, make peace with his mother, confess his love to the girl and finally he goes to the police to serve his sentence and put his entire life in order. The protagonist during the period of imprisonment writes a diary about his story, the once released from prison he presents his work to a Publisher that transforms it into a successful novel.