One More Day (first feature)

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One More Day

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One More Day

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DCP - colour

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festivals & awards:

  • Russia - Italia Film Festival 2015

Emanuele, a quiet and introverted young man, lives with his mother Bianca who has become a cold and detached woman since her husband (Emanuele’s father) has died in a car accident. The mother - son relationship is therefore full of grief and sorrow and seems to be stuck at this stage.
Bright-minded and greatly cultured, Emanuele starts attending an acting class that he discovered almost by chance, with the help of some university mates.
Here Emanuele meets Giulia, the psychologist who silently attends the rehearsals.
Giulia is a fascinating and mature woman, and a closed friend of Germano, the caustic acting coach. Right after the first meeting with Emanuele, she mysteriously starts avoiding him. While Emanuele is trying to understand the reasons behind Giulia’s behavior, he gets closer to Germano who progressively becomes a point of reference for Emanuele’s life. Soon Emanuele discovers the truth: Giulia suffers from some health issues that she tenaciously tries to hide.
Provocative, compelling, elusive and enigmatic is the character of Carlo, a creature with many dark shades. Emanuele perceives his presence as the voice of his conscience, a sort of alter ego who evokes all those ancestral fears that are hidden inside of him. After a while, Bianca leaves her home abruptly with a new man.
Emanuele is therefore abandoned, without even saying goodbye.
With the help of Germano’s advice and the experience gained on stage, Emanuele and Giulia get closer and closer. Their relationship grows faster and faster, becoming sweet and passionate, strong and deep. This allows them to face together the most painful aspects of their life. Their connection becomes stronger as they face those deepest aspects of their souls they had not wanted to experience and recall for years.
On this path, Giulia finds the courage to accept her ill body and Emanuele overcomes his sense of guilt for the death of his father, who had asked him to spend more time together right before the car accident.Emanuele also succeeds in establishing a new dialogue with Bianca, who comes back from her escape, again without any explanations.
Progressively freeing himself from his solitude, Emanuele even accepts the leading role in the show at the end of the acting class.
However, a few days before the debut, while partying with some classmates in a pub, Giulia, aware of the deep transformation they both shared, chooses to escape from Emanuele and secretly disappears in a cab.
Emanuele, noticing her prolonged absence, leaves the pub on his motorbike, which once belonged to his father, and looks for her throughout the city. In this moving chase Emanuele stops at the exact place where his father had died. There, Emanuele finds a letter Giulia previously had put in his pocket. Emanuele now needs to face the truth: the first time Giulia had fainted because of her illness was the same day Emanuele’s father had died. Then the crash, the recovery, the detachment from what she loved, while the sense of death was impregnating her life until her rebirth with Emanuele.
After defeating the ghosts of his past, a newly freed ad self-conscious Emanuele is ready to successfully face both life and the stage.
Emanuele is now able to transform the energy of love from his memories to the stage. A tribute to an extraordinary woman and to the unexpected events of life.