C¸apulcu: Voices from Gezi

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C¸apulcu: Voices from Gezi

C¸apulcu: Voices from Gezi

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C¸apulcu: Voices from Gezi


Insolito Cinema, Chapuling Film





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Ready (12/03/2014)

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The film is a snapshot of what we have seen and what we have been told in Istanbul. We have collected voices from students, lawyers, architects, journalists, activists, young and old, rich and poor; some of them were angry, some joyful, other brave or frightened. Images wise, we started with the peaceful occupation of Gezi Park. The joy that aroused in opposing what it was thought as an absurd choice: transforming the park in a mall. Then the violent repression, the large use of coercion by the State. The protesters’ surprise in front of such brutality and their silent reaction. Taksim square and the multitude of people that took part in the revolt. There are several reasons why this situation happened in Istanbul: starting from the gentrification of a numbers of neighborhood, the Islamization of a society which prohibits the consumption of alcohol in the evening, the limitation of individual freedom. Then the censorship that tried to hide the protest in the media and leave it out from a public discourse. We have tried to represent the plurality of the protesters, different from each other, united in an unexpected alliance against abuses of power