God Willing (first feature)

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God Willing (Se Dio vuole)

God Willing (Se Dio vuole)

original title:

Se Dio vuole

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Wildside, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio, in association with Factorit, Optima





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Tommaso is a respected heart surgeon, although his relationship with the “heart” is limited to the operating room. A lifetime ago, he met his wife Carla, charming and “pasionaria”, now faded as the ideals she believed in.
Tommaso and Carla have two children. The oldest, Bianca, has no interests, no ideas, no passions: a nice slob. Andrea instead is a brilliant guy, a med school student, ready to follow in the footsteps of his father, to his pride.
Lately, however, Andrew seems to have changed: he stays often in his room and goes out in the evening without telling anyone where he goes. Doubt creeps crawling: Andrea is gay!
Anyone would be in crisis, but not Tommaso. He hates all forms of discrimination: we are all equal.
And the day of the “coming out” finally arrives...
Andrea gathers his family, takes the courage and finally opens up: “I met a person who changed my life and that person is Jesus. This is why I decided to become a priest!"
For Tommaso, an atheist, a priest son is a terrible blow. While pretending to give him full support he decides to understand more and begins to secretly follow him. He gets to Don Pietro, a different kind of priest, and he witnesses an amazing “one man show” in front of a cheering crowd of young people.
That priest must have brainwashed his son: he is the enemy to beat!
Taking advantage of the absence of Andrea, on retreat in a monastery, an undercover Tommaso disguise begins a real war. But things never go as we think...