Priso - Dove chi entra urla (first feature)

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Priso - Dove chi entra urla

Priso - Dove chi entra urla

Priso - Dove chi entra urla

original title:

Priso - Dove chi entra urla

directed by:


Daniele Forenza, Valerio Altini, Giovanni Sada, Chiara Sgherza, Vito Cassano, Lorenzo D’Armento, Pasquale Paparella, Vincenzo Panzarino, Serban Ionut-Irinel, Vito Napolitano


Fabrizio Pastore, from a tale by Alessandra Minervini


Domenico Trotta


Fabrizio Pastore, Valeria Passiatore


Fabrizio Pastore, Antonello Arciuli


Rosamaria Sassi







The movie is set in Bari and talks about the life of a man being marked since childhood by an insulting nickname, namely “Priso”, which refers to “a container designed to collect urine and excrement”. Such nickname will remain attached to him for all his life.
Priso grows up by adopting a self-defeating strategy: he refuses to face life directly, and prefers to live at the outskirts of the society, which rejects him. He preserves himself by lying safely in existential collapse.
This is so until he meets Bartolo, a driving teacher and a sloppy prophet who explains to Priso his theory about life: everybody has his own “itch”, which hurts deeply and it is impossibile to get rid of.
Then, Priso comes up with the idea of a place where “he who enters has to scream” – an utopian and surreal situation wherein it is possible to drop one's itch and set oneself free from his most profound torment.
A great success.
As if being accepted by others would be sufficient for accepting oneself and face one's own itch...
Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe where you were sure of finding shirts.» (F. Kahlo, 1939)