Il segreto di Italia (second feature)

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Il segreto di Italia

Il segreto di Italia

original title:

Il segreto di Italia

directed by:


Antonello Belluco, Gerardo Fontana



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Italia Martin (Romina Power) has a secret. A secret rooted in events from her distant past which prevented her from returning to her birthplace, where she lived until she was a teenager. Now, after 55 years, she can’t avoid it; Italia is returning to her hometown to attend the marriage of her niece... Spring of 1945. Italia, 15, is going through a special time in her life: she is falling in love. Born and raised in a family of farmers, in the Veneto region of Italy, Italia is sensitive and independent. She reads, daydreams and has a strong appreciation for nature and its beauty. Despite the serene surroundings, Italia is in anguish. She is tormented by her adolescent desire for 18-year-old Farinacci Fontana, the son of Sante, fascist leader of the Black Brigade. Farinacci thinks of Italia as a little girl, and is unaware of what he has awakened in her. He lavishes Italia with attention and unknowingly gives hope to her romantic fantasies. Italia’s world changes with the arrival of a war refugee at her family’s farm. Ada is a beautiful, sophisticated city dweller, whose husband is missing in action. She soon becomes Italia’s role model, friend and confidant. But the war is drawing to a close and there will be a settling of accounts...