Emergency Exit - Young Italians abroad

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Emergency Exit - Young Italians abroad

Emergency Exit - Young Italians abroad

original title:

Emergency Exit - Young Italians abroad

directed by:


Bill Emmott, Patrizia Pierazzo, Chiara Capraro, Mauro Gargano, Milena Maselli, Nicola Cataldo, Anna Binetti, Marco Lanza, Camilla Bonetti, Walter Calvaresi, Martina Zipoli, Alessia Gatti, Andra Lodovichetti, Chiara Bernasconi, Matteo Rignanese



Brunella Filì, Simone Danieli, Piero Cocozza, Daniele Raspanti






film run:





Ready (28/01/2014)

festivals & awards:

  • Italian Film Festival USA 2016
  • Stockholm Italian Film Festival 2016
  • The Lecce European Film Festival 2014: Cinema e Realtà
  • Ischia Film Festival 2014: Visioni Fuori Concorso
  • Italian DOC Screenings - Firenze 2012: Coproduction Forum
  • Madrid IFF 2014: Official Selection - Best Foreign Documentary Award, Nomination for Best Debuting Director
  • Ischia Film Festival 2014: Out of Competition
  • Premio Libero Bizzarri Italia Doc 2014: Competitition
  • Foggia Film Festival 2014: Best Documentary
  • Trani International Film Festival 2014: Special Jury Mention
  • Valle D’Itria Film Festival 2014: Best Documentary
  • Premio Gavioli 2014: Competitition

Anna, Mauro, Milena and others do not know each other, but they have something in common: they left Italy to go abroad and to bet on the possibility for a better future. A future that, continuing to live in Italy, seems difficult to imagine. An entire generation is bleeding out of area. Not only brains, but also ‘normal’ young people, halved citizens, divided between a life with greater opportunities and a sense of dearth and frustration that all kind of exile, even though voluntary, involves. The film tells what young Italians abroad do, think and dream; whether they will remain or return home; whether moving away is the emergency exit to change one’s precarious future. A trip from Vienna to Paris, Tenerife, Bergen, London and New York; stories of ordinary separation, a single story: the story of a forgotten generation, which still has something to say to his country of origin.

“The film is the result of the urgent need for a not generic in-depth analysis on the diaspora and its consequences, listening to those directly involved, on the spot, and by giving them a voice. What happened to Italy? Is it so hard to imagine a future here? Paris, London, New York: poles of attraction where it’s possible to reorganize the pieces of a professional and cultural reality which are in conflict with one’s own aspirations and merits; young people in exile, looking for a generational identity lost between the problems of a country which is economically and civilly stationary. Recovering these faraway voices is a necessary step from which to start a sincere reflection on our and future years”.